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The day I realize that I am completely tired of just myself and my family. I mean I have had moments where I have missed hanging out with friends and my family, but let's be honest friend....we all have!

But today, I missed the people in between. The servers, the barista, the random person holding the door open for me. All the in- between life details. I mean if we all are really honest our lives are way more full of those moments than the intentional ones we make plans for. The kind lady in the drive thru. Or maybe not so kind one that makes you wonder what had happened to her day or life that has caused her to be so, well.... salty.

Or the little old man that is walking so slowly in front of me on a cane because he still wants to do things on his own and HE is. Before I may have been a little irritated with those things, but today I miss them. Yes, I still have been out in stores for necessities, but to be honest everyone avoids everyone. We have become so worried about the what if, that we have stopped seeing and doing the small things.

I miss the small things! I know we have all heard 1000 times we are in this together, and we are! But today I was reminded that even those margin people, the people I don't really notice unless I'm annoyed or impressed or just amused by. Those people are what makes me feel truly human. They are the ones that I come into contact with on a daily, hourly basis that makes me feel connection to this world. So I have decided that I am going to make an effort during this time of isolation and reflection to not take people and situations for granted. I am going to be intentional on how I respond and organize my days.

I will stop and have that hello with the neighbor walking their dog. I don't know them, but maybe I should. Or the man at the grocery that lets me walk in front because he doesn't want to be too close. Maybe I overly thank him for being kind. Some may think these things are not business related, but I disagree. These are the very foundational cornerstones of your business. Noticing, over delivering and serving your clients well. Hearing and seeing them. One of my favorite quotes is by a man named Charlie "Tremendous" Jones. Let it sink in. Re read it several times and remember we all want to change and grow. Make this time that is uncomfortable be the best time to pivot and grow. Talk soon friends! Much love💕



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