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As a wife and mom of 2 girls, I get being busy!  Adding a career on top of that and you have a recipe for a BUSY BOSS! I knew I wanted more so I left my corporate job to pursue a life Living on PURPOSE.

"I was created and placed here at this time in history to help dreamers build a business and a life they love.  Empowering people to live their very best life and create a legacy now and for the future."

I am not only a coach and teacher but have multiple active businesses that are still running.  I didn't hang up my entrepreneurial hat to just show others, I still have skin in the game.  Business has a lot of big potholes and some detours.  Legacy Boss was created out of our own struggles and sometimes big Whoops!

There are a lot of people flooding the market with advice for service-based industries, but there is a huge lack in the product and creative areas.  This is a place to grow, connect and lift each other up to create our Spheres of Genius.


I started this entrepreneurial journey like most of you to turn a dream into a reality. I did the whole big Corporate job with the nice offices and all the extra perks, but they all left me empty looking for more.  I was feeding the machine that always wanted more from me without actually giving me a sense of accomplishment attached to purpose.  The Day my daughter Hid my cell phone was my wake up call!

Shauna Klein
Shauna Klein
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