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1:1 Coaching with Shauna

Shauna Klein

Welcome, Boss I'm Shauna
And you're in the right place!
A little bit about me...

I spent the first 20 years of my career helping businesses develop and brand themselves.  With a Sales and Marketing background I helped both small and big corporations build out their branding and their build a foot print in territories.

But I found out very quickly that business has to be run from a place of servant leadership if it is going to have an impact.  Just collecting the dollar leaves employees and companies with a never ending insatiable drive and emptiness.

When I left the corporate world to start and run my businesses I decided I would do business VERY differently!  It would be based on a moral compass of compassion and hard work accompanied by a desire to build a LEGACY.  Not one just of money, but one that leaves a lasting impact.

After coaching and teaching hundreds of product based bosses, I realized that what is already inside of us needs the permission to bloom and grow into our BEST YES!

At Legacy Boss we serve with Passion and a pursuit of our dreams while helping other bosses identify and grow theirs.

"I am so excited for you as you take this next step in investing in you, your goals & Building your legacy."

The majority of coaching programs only focus on business tactics but fail to focus on

the most important key to success.... you!

So if you've ever hired a coach before, joined a mastermind or paid for a training program

Only to not get the results you wanted, I'm here to tell you it's not your fault!

In other words, the first change needed to see a change in your business.... is you!

I'm here to help you remove roadbloack, get clear on who you are serving,

source and begin creating the best inventory, and get sales and massive growth so you

can live your  very best life!

We will do this together through mindset tools as well as proven business strategies.

"You have no idea that this will be the moment. This will be a defining moment when you will look back and say THIS is when the life-changing shift happened."

Shauna Klein

You are ready to work 1:1 with me if:

  • You're frustrated with guessing what you need to do to finally grow.

  • You're tired of your results not matching the intentional action you are taking. 

  • You're over being told to "follow the system" that simply isn't working for you.

  • You feel in your heart that there HAS to be a better way.

  • The slow lane is exhausting you & you're ready to level-up your progress NOW.

  • You know you need a Mentor to guide you, give you the exact steps you need to break through & shine a light where you need it. 

  • You're know there is something missing & you're ready to see real change in your business. 

"Stop believing 'hard work' is the only way to the success you see from others."


Let's look at the details....

Everything I'm happy to gift you as part of this Special:

  • 2 -1:1 calls with Shauna per month

  • 10% Course & Membership Discounts

  • 15% Discount off all Events & Retreats

  • Weekly check ins via Marco Polo

Secure your Seat before they're gone!


Read all about it....


Josh, Multi-Business Owner

I being a multi business owner, have been to a few different business training classes. Shauna's classes have been the best ones I have been to. The information you receive can be used in so many different ways. I look forward to whenever she has a class, that I can hopefully make it. She is so knowledgeable and has been in the trenches and knows what it takes to get where you want to go in your business and personal growth.

Orange Blossom

Atlanta, Always Dreaming

Shauna has helped me identify who I am selling to as well as she has helped me realize my abilities.  I questioned what Niche I should pick, beacuse I have so many interests. We worked through what my best options were and formulated and inmplemented a plan.


Francis, 215 Candle Co

A few months back I took a coaching course with shauna and I wanted to say that it was well worth it! When I started to take my business serious it was because of her assistance. I had all social media platforms but wasn’t using them at full potential, Shauna taught me how to maximizes and grow , How to bring customers to my site, how to  Engage on my post and videos, Just by following and using the techniques she provides my video went viral !! Yes 2.8 million views and still getting likes on it because I simply followed my heart was true to what I envisioned and put it into a video. Shauna goes above and beyond for you. She’s was kind and helped me grow. 

 Shauna is the real deal 


Shauna Klein

Let me be the first to congratulate you for dreaming again...

...for realizing you have a purpose you ARE WORTHY of a life greater than you have imagined.

You will be supported and guided in a safe place where you will finally be free to step onto the path you were created for in a time such as this.

Because when you have someone in your corner who truly believes in you (that's me!), it is only then that you can truly believe in yourself & take the steps needed for the growth you desire.

Whether you want to grow your new business, expand, your skills as a leader or to manage your team to finally hit those sales goals you've dreamt of, you are finally on your way.

Let's identify those blocks, silence those limiting beliefs and give you business  real strategies to maximize your profits and get you thriving!

Let's change your life, Boss.

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