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A lot of business owners just feel overwhelmed about not being in the place they want to be. Expectations are not leveled up with reality. We tend to self sabotage our mindset. How are we going to level up?

I think so many times, that syndrome, of just our mindset affecting our reality, is something that takes root inside of us and locks us down where we can’t move forward. Again, analysis-paralysis sets in. This is where thinking and overthinking everything til we absolutely get to a place where we are stuck, and paralyzes us to move forward. As a Product Based business owner, we are creating something that we want others to love and admire. And when we don't feel like we’re moving at the speed we want to, we get to a point where we tell ourselves, “I’m never gonna hit that tier of sales.” Or “I'm not gonna hit that six-figure income!”.

So, my encouragement for today is CUT THAT RIGHT OFF and STOP THAT SELF SABOTAGE. And realize that every step that you make towards your goal, and your vision, and your dream is movement. Even if its small steps. Small steps with great intentions will take you where you wanna be. Let me know what you are doing right now to break you out of self sabotage and that limiting belief system. Where is it that you want to be in 2021? Make those declarations! Write them down. Take a dry erase marker and write it on your mirror. Put it somewhere where you can see it all the time, so that you can keep in your memory and mind where you want to be.

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