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Social Connection

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

I was about 14 when I knew that I wanted to be a writer. I was that girl who wanted to have a pen pal several states away and always get something in the mail. Shhh...don't tell anyone that is still the case.

Shauna Klein

There was always something so cathartic about getting something in the mailbox from someone that you knew only via the mail. Sometimes you would go for weeks or even months without a picture, so you used your huge imagination to figure out what they may look like based on their writing.

Well, we have not come that far when it comes to connection. Yes, we still want to feel connected, but we do have all the images and information at our fingertips for instant gratification.

I think the power of connection is such a strong pull on us.We value having people care. Social Media is no different. People have made the leap into technology for the feeling of belonging and connection. The number of time people spend on social media should be an indication that their longing is strong. We post pictures of ourselves, family, pets, vacation destinations, all so we can share our lives with each other.

As business owners leaning into social media is not only important but vital if you want to go where the people are. The movie "Field of Dreams" reminds me of us setting the info structure up, so we can meet our ideal customers and build the Know, Like & Trust factor we talk about so much.

Do you need to be on social media to run a business? Heck NO! Will it help you be where your customers hang out, probably...

I am still working on that dream of becoming a writer. The passion has been relaunched in the last year, and we will see where that takes me. Until then, I will continue to write.....

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