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#4: Show UP & Serve

“Let’s talk about how to authentically show up and share yourself with others.”  Listen while we share the 3 keys to showing up with the servant leader mindset to truly grow you business online and through social medias & create REALationships.

In this Episode we’ll talk about how to be true to yourself and your purpose while not falling into the comparison trap. We dive into how growing slow is not a bad thing, as your foundation is becoming strong. We discuss ideas on how to show up on social media and serve to build the repour needed to grow a business online. 

Listen as we share real stories of what has worked for us in our product-based businesses to grow our businesses with raving fans & bring light onto the pain points of being an entrepreneur. Grab a notebook & a pen and get ready to grow as you begin to show up & serve your customer!

**Talk about showing up to serve! If Marcy sounds a little underwater, she had to record this podcast & YouTube video in her car due to massive internet issues. Check out this YouTube video she made all about this crazy day titled “REAL TALK: Entrepreneur Struggles (a day in my life as a busy mom boss podcaster)”**

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next Tuesday for another episode!

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