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25: Instagram Updates & What You Need to do Now #MarcyMinute


Hear ye, hear ye, it has been officially announced that "Instagram will no longer be a photo-sharing app."

Yep. That happened.

Today we dispel the myths behind what this means for your IG account and how you can pivot to make sure you maximize your efforts to grow your business on social media.

And in all honesty, if you've been paying attention to the trends across all social media boards, short-term video has become LIFE.

Matter of fact the top 6 social media platforms give special treatment aka algorithm pushes to VIDEO - Instagram just shouted from the rooftops that Reels are where it's at. Facebook pushes original video on its Feed & Stories, Pinterest now has Idea Pins (just like Stories), Twitter now has Fleets (again, Stories with a new name), YouTube fully released their #shorts (vertical videos 1 min or less), and the king of short-form videos, TikTok has been the catalyst to it all.

Get ready to score some tips and tricks today... and get the 411 on a new membership program that will give you everything you need to grow using short-form video WITHOUT THE OVERWHELM so make sure to stay to the end.

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