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Female Business Owners



Did you know that between February of last year (2020) and April(2020) over 3.2 Million Small Businesses had to close their doors>  That is over 21% of all Small Businesses that were all of a sudden gone!  Due to shutdowns and in response to the pandemic fallout.  This was the largest drop of small businesses closing on record.  We need small businesses and the small Businesses need US!


But here is the really cool part!  We as SMALL BUSINESS and buyers have the potential to create jobs and actually put money into the economy, all while building the personal touch.


That is why we are asking everyone to consider where you are buying your products and gifts from this year.  Are you helping a small business owner do a dance each time that a sale is made, or is it going to a big company to pad their pockets?


Let’s all do this together!  Let’s choose to make 1 in 4 of our purchases this year from a small business.  Let’s help a business owner grow their dream and feed their families. Let’s show our children their dreams are possible by choosing not always the easiest, but the best!


Will you Join us today in making the commitment?

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Want to be a featured Boss

Are you a SMALL BUSINESS Owner that would like to be featured in our new Online directory?  We will feature a set amount of Type of Businesses in Our Online directory.  This directory will also be send out in PDF form to all of our emailed bosses.


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