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Hi friend,

I'm Shauna Klein

A Creative & Business Strategist, who empowers product based businesses to build a brand, market it on social media and create a legacy and a life they LOVE!

Take your Biz to the next level

We believe there is So much more to being a BOSS than just turning a profit.  If we are in it to make a quick profit, we won't leave something of value or create a legacy built on quality, loyalty or to the next generation.  Making an IMPACT is where we leave it all on the table and create/source a product that we can be proud of all while building a business that will thrive and last the test of time. 

We are not here to just run you through a program that will get you a quick dollar.  We are more interested in helping you live your VERY BEST life and build something you absolutely love in the process.

Product Based Bosses

The challenges that come with Sourcing, creating, pricing, inventory, shipping delays can be overwhelming. You just started out wanting to create a space spurred on from a DREAM you wanted to fulfill. Right??  No one tells you about all that is involved.  Legacy Boss was created out of working through our own challenges and pain points.

Legacy Boss

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The Legacy Boss Podcast

Reaches to the very core of what it

takes to be a successful BOSS.

Each week we will tackle topics to help you grow.

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Welcome, and your in the right place!

Legacy Boss

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So many of us struggle when it comes

to know what and how to proceed

to help us reach what we feel we were meant to do.


Need Help reaching your goals?

 We have worked with hundreds of product based & Creative Business Owners.  Check out our Resources, Strategy Sessions & VIP Group.

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